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allison rozhdestvensky
22 October 2011 @ 07:04 am

just a little bit high-maintenance, i am:
→ if you have aim, message me your s/n, and we can become best friends!!!
→ my icons are posted as public for 3 days, after that you must be my friend to see them
→ chances are if you add me, it's from a gaming or wrestling commun. tell me where you found me, yo!
→ if someone wants to play online with ds/wii, hit me up bitches.
→ i'm in cosmetology classes right now, but am free for the summer. at the time, i'm checking/updating my LJ every single day. when august rolls around, i'll be lucky to update at least twice a week.
→ i loveee making new friends, :D
→ i lovee lady gaga. if you have a problem with her, gtfo (:
→ i'm a cat person.
→ i'm working on new gear right now, if i'm slow to reply to you, i'm sooo sorry.
&& that's about it (:
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allison rozhdestvensky
03 June 2010 @ 03:25 am

wow, such irony, huh? i'm pretty disgusted at myself right now. i made a really rookie move. i thought i had turned off my game the other night before i went out to party, i suppose i did not. i woke up to find all of my houses, ponds, flowers, resident pinatas AND visitor pinatas had all been destroyed by ruffians. i was so proud of myself because i had evolved so many pinatas, but i won't let it get me down just yet. i plan to attempt to rebuild my garden by next week.

until then, rest in peace, sweet child o'mine.


le mieux de tous, mon belle amies.
allison rozhdestvensky
01 June 2010 @ 11:05 pm

I met you about two years back, and I could almost say I feel absolutely in love. Us both being European and quite the charmers kind of helped in me liking you as well. All I can say to you is, congratulations. It's been such an amazing trip for you, I know, and just think it's going to get way better. I was watching tonight and was almost convinced you'd lose, because Justin was giving you quite the beating, and you still pulled through. I'm so proud of you, Stu. Keep making me prouder. You just keep getting better.

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allison rozhdestvensky
Auctions for free stuff at Listia.com

I'm going to be listing here under my gamertag : MrBlindEel.

Free Shipping & Auctions always;

Thanks to @funmonkey17 and his fiancee @kattcbabyy for forwarding me to this site.

In other news, I'm a level thirty-seven gardener now. I have sooo many new pinatas it's crazy.

Me and my now - nine year old brother are actually going to make a Twingersnaps pinata in congratulations of him passing the grades! Me and him are so so so excited, I will post pix of the shopping process, making of the pinata, and the final touches.

Until then, I have a few bookings I need to get to, someone remind me to not go to anymore parties this month.

Paix et d'amour, mon belle amis, et bonne nuit.

J'ai besoin de commencer bloguer en français
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allison rozhdestvensky
22 May 2010 @ 12:24 pm

i owned this game when it first came out. my dad had given me two-hundred dollars for my birthday and told me to go crazy. so i did, and drove to the nearest gamestop. i found this game, which looked like something a nine year old would play, to play with my little brother, who was around four or five at the time. nonetheless, i purchased the special edition for about fifteen dollars and played it for a while. mind you, i've never played a xbox game that much since zapper came out. i found myself to become addicted to getting new species of pinatas. i had a phone call one day from my mother while at my dad's saying we were moving. i lost all my my xbox games, and so, viva pinata passed away.

recently, i saved for fifty dollars in change. i decided to once again, to go crazy...at gamestop. i was looking up online at different games on their website and what did i see? viva pinata.. i had been researching pinatas for my brothers birthday parties and had thought of them all week. and now, like a weird sign from god saying "re-buy it", it was there. i bought the game and now i'm more addicted than i was in the first place. i find myself praying that my newtgat will come back from the dead, or that the doenut will come back and eat his sixth blackberry. i mean how can you resist this adoreable thing:

i'm a level twenty gardener and i couldn't be anymore happier with the two months i've wasted on my life this year.

i'm pretty sure this is just the beginning..

more to come as i venture in my garden...

au revoir, mon belle amis!
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listening to: pursuit of happiness by kid cudi